• Dixon Paralegals

    The Premier Paralegal Team Serving Texas-Based Attorneys


    Our mission and focus consists of providing legal and administrative support services 

    to small law firms that prefer not to hire full-time paralegals and legal assistants.

  • Dixon Paralegals consistently deliver outstanding

    attorney client services on time and on budget.

    We are the ultimate competitive edge for growing your small law firm.

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    We Help to Increase Firm Revenues

    Onboard Multiple Clients Efficiently

    We can assist with new client onboarding, background research and administration.

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    We Have Affordable Rates

    Competitive Rate Structures

    Our flexible approach will accommodate both hourly and contingency cases.

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    We Conserve Attorney Time

    Leave the Paralegal Work for Us

    Attorney time and attention is best reserved for providing legal counsel and defense.

  • Use What You Need.

    When You Need It.



    We specialize in:


    Discovery Depositions


    Case Management

    Drafting Memoranda

    Drafting Motions

    Drafting Continuations

    Drafting Demand Letters

    Trial Preparation

    Legal & Business Research



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    Effective legal support.

    Efficiently delivered.

    On Demand. On Time. On Budget.


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    We look forward to serving you and your clients.

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